Spring/Summer Collection ’17

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    Who doesn’t love Spring? All the birds singing and the newly born lambs bouncing around in the rays of sunshine. It’s only a few weeks until it is officially the first day of Spring – 20th March to be exact. So it is best to start preparing now if you want to liven your wardrobe up to match this season. Spring is full of bright colours, so we have made some suggestions of products that you could entail in your Spring/Summer wardrobe.


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    This wonderful chrysanthemum tunic dress, in a floral design, is available in navy with cream chrysanthemum and navy with sporty pink chrysanthemum. Tirana is a lovely, flattering ladies tunic dress made out of 100% cotton. This dress is ideal for Spring, showing off some pretty pinks and blues with the added intricate pattern design.


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    This top boasts a lovely, floral design with bright coloured sleeves. The contrast between the body and the sleeves really gives this top the ability to stand out from any other. This top gives you ultimate comfort making it ideal for various activities, from gardening to visiting friends.



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    This funky, floral shirt is a beautifully suited with most wardrobe essentials. This top makes for a stunning addition to any wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton, the Pelusa is a lightweight, airy and hugely comfortable fit with a bold design, lovingly put together by the talented northern artist Kate McGuire. With a soft collar and breezy full-length sleeves, the shirt has many blouse-like qualities, giving you an idea of its comfortable feel and style. This blouse is perfect for this season’s style filled with blossoming flowers.