Reasons why your Mum has more superpowers than Wonderwoman

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    Sometimes we take our mums for granted, but deep down we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Not just in the sense of human anatomy, but how she has helped you to achieve your very best. From learning you to read to helping you buy your first car. She is there every step of the way, giving you guidance and support.


    1. Strength

    She may as well have the title of world’s strongest woman when it comes to successfully putting up with you through your teenage rebellion years. You’ve got to admit you were hard to handle at times.


    1. Wisdom

    Admit it – your mum has the answer to everything.


    1. Style

    Her style isn’t confined solely to Next, because anything that is currently having a fashion comeback now, she’s got at least three of in her wardrobe. Or in the loft.

    Either way, you’re glad for the hand me down opportunity.


    1. Positivity

    You love that your mum is always positive. Whether you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, your mum is always there to pick you up.


    1. Selfless

    She will always put you before anything else. If she has had her eyes on a pair of shiny, red shoes for months but you see a limited edition set of your childhood hero – guess which she gets. She’d do anything to see you happy.


    There are many more reasons why your mum is a hero, let us know how much your mum means to you by posting to our social media sites.

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