Fabulously Festive Mason Jars

  • Mason jars have become very popular this year because they are so versatile. From using them to drink warm or cold beverages from, they are good to keep things safe and make good decorations. There are a lot of ways you can decorate these jars, so let your imagination flow; but if you aren’t the creative type, we have a few suggestions below to help get you started:


    Fill them with fairy lights


    Fill them with Christmas baubles

    Decorate the outside of the jars with paint

    Put candles inside


    Use as a plant pot

    Turn them into snow globes – all you need it some glitter (get white glitter if you want it to look more like snow), a plastic figure (eg, a little Christmas tree), super glue, and water.Simply stick the plastic figure to the inside of the lid, as this will be the base of the snow globe, fill the jar 1/3 with glitter and the rest with water. Then put the lid on and shake.



    You can also turn your mason jars into simple little gifts, such as a cookie mix mason jars, a recipe and how to make these cute gifts is linked below.