Decorating Christmas Cupcakes

  • Another great, little festive activity to do after a busy day at work, or after taking the dog for a long walk, is to wrap in your favourite, comfiest jumper (we recommend a Dock of the Bay one) and get out the baking materials. Bake off a few cupcakes with a recipe that has been passed down from generations or simply get one off Google, we suggest this link (if you want chocolate cupcakes, take out 1/3 of the flour and replace with cocoa powder) >


    Christmas Tree Cupcakes: Spiral the icing to look like a tree shape, decorate with colourful, edible balls to make it look like little baubles, and get either some edible stars or snowflakes to put on top. Optional, if you want to sprinkle a very small amount of icing sugar to the tree, to look like snow.



    Christmas Wreath Cupcakes: Using the buttercream recipe from the link above, and spread over the cakes. Then using the green icing, make a circle like the picture. Get some red icing with a small nozzle, to put some dots on the wreath and draw on a bow.



    Snowy berries: Again spread the buttercream over the cupcake, use coconut shavings or grate some white chocolate and sprinkle all over. Place three cranberries in the centre, with some mint leaves.



    If you have a go at making these or any other Christmas cupcakes, we’d love to see pictures, so post them on social media or send them to us.