November 2016

  • Fabulously Festive Mason Jars

    Fabulously Festive Mason Jars

    Mason jars have become very popular this year because they are so versatile. From using them to drink warm or cold beverages from, they are good to keep things safe and make good decorations. There are a lot of ways you can decorate these…

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  • Festive style at Dock of the Bay

    Festive style at Dock of the Bay

    At Dock of the Bay, we have you covered for all your festive clothing this season. We know that the weeks that lead up to Christmas are all about rich red tones and comfortable clothing, luckily our winter stock combines these two qualities…

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  • Decorating Christmas Cupcakes

    Decorating Christmas Cupcakes

    Another great, little festive activity to do after a busy day at work, or after taking the dog for a long walk, is to wrap in your favourite, comfiest jumper (we recommend a Dock of the Bay one) and get out the baking…

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  • Christmas Markets

    Christmas Markets

    It is coming to that time of year when the stress begins to unfold, as the days start counting down to Christmas. Shopping for those all-important Christmas presents, brushing the cobwebs off last year’s Christmas wrapping paper, digging out the Christmas décor from…

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  • Favourite Autumn Activities:

    Favourite Autumn Activities:

    Now the leaves are well and truly falling from the trees, as we head into mid-November. The dark, cold nights are upon us as we get closer and closer to December. So what can we do when the snow showers arrive, well we…

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  • How to pick the perfect coat for winter..

    How to pick the perfect coat for winter..

    Nowadays it is very hard to find an all weather coat that you want to feel and look good in. They are either trendy but not weather proof or they keep you dry but lack style. Here at Dock of the Bay, we…

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  • Amazon


    Here, at Dock of the Bay, we have decided to sell some of our most popular stock on Amazon. We know lots of people use Amazon for purchasing anything they could ever think of needing, from pencils to groceries. Amazon first started off…

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